"I’ll see you in 5?" He called over to Tim, who gave him a mere nod of his head and headed in the opposite direction. 

Walking backwards Johnny failed to stop before bumping into something - or rather, someone. He turned around, an apology already spilling from his lips when his eyes landed on the woman. The very same woman who had stolen his heart so, so long ago. He wasn’t ready for the nostalgia that hit him, flooding his head with memories he had preferred to leave at the back of his mind. 

The rest of his apology died on his lips, but then she was looking up and those - oh! - brown eyes of hers were locked on his. “Johnny?” 

Could he speak? This was ridiculous. 

He’d seen her many times - on the television, in interviews, on photos - but there was something about… her standing there no more than a few inches away. If he took one small step forward she’d be pressed up against him. Speak, Johnny, speak. 


But before Winona had a chance to answer a pair of lips pressed against hers. They were soft and so.. familiar. His cologne - which had changed to a burning wood scent with a bright and fresh edge - filled her nostrils, but it were those lips that brought her back in time. She moved her hands onto his chest, conflicting emotions were tearing her apart. Should she push him away? Should she succumb? And even as she asked those questions, she kissed him back with just as much passion. 

If Johnny hadn’t been so absorbed in the kiss and the moment he might have wondered why she was on the set in the first place, but that didn’t matter. She was here and, oh what pushed him to kissing her?! It was a wonder she hadn’t pushed him away but he relished each second. His heart skipped a beat when he felt her hands sliding onto his chest. He moved his to rest on her cheek, his thumb carefully caressing it. It was quite the most wondrous feeling he could remember having. 

Their lips moved effortlessly against each other, their tongues discovering all over again. He smiled against her lips, a lifetime of unlived memories piling up. 

For that moment, standing with Winona in his arms and her lips so willingly giving into the temptation, he felt young again. He felt in love again. He felt hurt and heartbroken all over again but most importantly, he felt the pure and undeniable attraction he felt to her. The physical, the mental, all wrapped into one. What he had called love, what he felt and what he could not stop thinking about right now. He’d willingly call himself hers, if she as much as breathed a word she wanted it as much as he did. 

When they pulled away, the smile never left his lips and she was breathless. Slowly, she lifted her fingers to her lips, touching the place he had kissed so… lustfully and… - dare she think it! - lovingly. And that damn smile of his! It still fit him perfectly. 

Their eyes met.

His lips spoke love and her’s spoke forever.

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